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Empath 1, Talk the Talk - The Language of Energy

Winter/Spring, 2024 Saturday, February 10 -  10-3

The Language of Energy of Energy - Designed to give you the language of energy, you will take the first step to understanding and appreciating your sensitivities to energy.  This is the process of creating sacred space, honouring your gifts, engaging in self care,  building a solid foundation, creating community and becoming confident expressing your authentic self.  It is an objective study of different energy textures, feelings, sounds, vibrations, colors, etc. These vibes come through a subjective filter of our own senses, perceptions, experiences, processing styles etc. The first step in learning the language is to take the time regularly to connect with yourself and with the energy that you receive. The second is learning to trust yourself and your own senses. You can learn to not only speak this language but undergo an introspective journey where you will discover some limitations and many possibilities of transformation that lie within.  

Individual Empath 1 Workshop $275.00 Cost per person

Full Course early bird sign-up - $1099 - $375.00 Savings January 1, 2024 


 Please send us an email or call we would be happy to answer your questions! 


it Is Your Path - Own It!


Empath2, Empowered - Take Control of Your Energy

Winter/Spring 2024, Saturday February 24, 10-3

EMPOWER YOURSELF - This second step will help you discover the ways in which you lose energy in relationship to yourself and the world around you. An Empath's greatest gift is their energy, learn to accept what you can change, surrender what you can't and get yourself to a healthy place.  Develop, implement and maintain healthy boundaries and get in the habit of grounding, clearing, shielding and protecting your most valuable assets.  Like a beautiful painting in the process of restoration, you will release what no longer serves you, removing one layer at a time and replacing each layer with healthy self respect and essential self love.

Individual Workshop $275.00 Cost per person

Early bird sign-up by January 1, 2024


 Space is Limited and all Course Materials Are Supplied


Become A Bad As*'d Empath

Empath 3, Walk The Walk, Use it or Lose It, Energy Healer/Reiki 1 Certification

Winter/Spring 2024, Saturday, March 23 10-3

SELF HEALING - GET THE ENERGY WORKING FOR YOU  - Be attuned to level one healing/Reiki vibrations and symbols, including Usui Shiki Ryoho Cho Ku Rei, develop a daily practice of self-healing. Learn to invoke and invite supporting energies including the earth,  angels, archangels, spirit guides and work with nature and animal spirits.  Build a deep releationship with your intuition. Set intentions and manifest them. Attract positive experiences and play with energy.  Empaths are not just meant to absorb energy, you are meant to learn how to use it properly, including keeping your vibration high and balancing chakras.  The more you get the energy working for you, the better you'll feel - you will be amazed!

Individual Workshop $275.00 Cost per person

Full Course early bird sign-up - $1099 January 1, 2024


Energy is Your Most Powerful Resource


Empath 4, Take it to The Next Level, Energy Healer/Reiki 2 & 3 Certification

Winter/Spring 2024, Saturday & Sunday, April 20 & 21 10-3

THIS IS WHERE IT ALL COMES TOGETHER  - Be attuned to level 2/3 healing/ Distance & Reiki vibrations and symbols, including Usui Shiki Ryoho Sei He Kei and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, develop a daily practice of offering healing to loved ones, pets, plants and the planet.  Class time practicing hands on and distance healing, reading auras/energy, asking empowering questions and using your tools to deeply connect with yourself and others. Create and hold sacred space and fascilitate wholistic wellness.  Learn about the art of surrender, the history of energy healing and discuss other healing modalities including an introduction to Shamanism. Reiki Ethics, Client Care, Policy Development, Distance Healing and so much more!

Individual Workshop $425.00 Cost per person

Full Course early bird sign-up - $1099 - January 1, 2024 



You are The Master of Your Destiny!

Empath 5, Master Your Destiny!, Reiki Master/Teacher Certification

Winter/Spring 2024, May 25 & 26 10-3

ENERGY and SELF MASTERY  - Be attuned to Reiki Master Teacher vibrations and symbols, including Usui Shiki Ryoho Dai Ko Myo and other rays of light, develop attunement skills and practice.  Learn how to integrate other healing techniques/methods into your Reiki Mastery.  You will use your Reiki to create a brand, marketing tools and attract wealth.  Step by step instruction on how to start your energy healing business, get registered, become licensed, find insurance and access support to ensure Your ongoing success!

Individual Workshop $425.00 Cost is per person

Full Course early bird sign-up - $1099, By January 1, 2024

Space is Limited and all Course Materials Are Supplied



One Can Have No Smaller or Greater Mastery Than the Mastery of Self, Leonardo Da Vinci
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