Empath 1, Talk the Talk - The Language of Energy - September 19, 2020 - 10-3

The Language of Energy of Energy - is all about building a solid foundation and self-care.  It is an objective study of different energy textures, feelings, sounds, vibrations, colors, etc. These vibes come through a subjective filter of our own senses, perceptions, experiences, processing styles etc. The first step in learning the language is to take the time regularly to connect with yourself and with the energy that you receive. The second is learning to trust yourself and your own senses. You can learn to not only speak this language but undergo an introspective journey where you will discover some limitations and many possibilities of transformation that lie within.  Topics covered but not limited to: WHO IS AN EMPATH SYMPTOMS OF BEING AN EMPATH HOW DOES ONE BECOME AN EMPATH? DIFFERENT TYPES OF EMPATHS DIFFERENT MANIFESTATIONS EMPATH VS. PYSCHIC ABILITY EMPATH VS. GIFTEDNESS CAREERS FOR EMPATHS SHIELDING, CLEARING AND SELF-CARE

$275.00 Cost per person or early bird sign-up before August 9,  2020 - $225.00 Space is Limited and all Course Materials Are Supplied

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